New Buried in Angst Book Cover

//New Buried in Angst Book Cover

Buried in Angst coverI’m excited to share a new book cover for Buried in Angst, the second novel in my Angst fantasy series. This fun cover created by my artist Alessandro Brunelli features Angst and Princess Victoria under a protective layer of dirt and stone while the elements Earth and Fire battle overhead. As you can see from the image below, it’s a wraparound cover with the foot of Earth and several gamlin on the back.

There are lots of reasons to change a book cover. First and foremost is that Brunelli is a miracle worker. If you saw the drunken pencil scratchings and wandering descriptions I provide him, you would be as amazed as I am! (After you were done laughing at me.)


I also wanted the covers to be consistent. My first three books originally had three different artists, and you could tell. Nothing was wrong with the covers, but when Brunelli completed the cover to book three, Drowning in Angst, people really took notice. I realized immediately that he was my guy, and he graciously agreed to help revise the covers for Angst and now Buried.

Because I love his work so much, I’ve got to share. Below is the cover, without the blurb, in all of its glory!

Buried in Angst full cover



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